With the school shutdowns due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, Mount Carmel CEO has moved to an online format to continue classes. On Thursday morning, the students were joined by Ryan Jones of Mount Carmel Rural King for a discussion about the state of his business and how it has been impacted by interruptions in the supply chain and the sudden change in consumer shopping patterns. The discussion touched on the interconnectedness of the global economy and how that affects even local businesses, including the CEO businesses the students have been working to build. With so much uncertainty still looming on the horizon, Ryan recommended not necessarily working through a backup plan, but finding creative ways to successfully execute their businesses in this new environment. "I'm not big on backup plans," said Ryan. "What's needed now is a plan of action moving in a different direction." Thank you, Ryan, for taking time to share your insights with the CEO class.

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With the concern over the COVID-19, area schools are closing. Until further notice our class will still be meeting at their normal time, but through Google Meetings instead of at the ...

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