Thursday we were honored to have CEO Alum, Alex Mason, come speak to the class again. This years topic was “Life after CEO”. Alex asked “As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?” The answers ranged from the president, teachers, veterinarians etc. Alex explained the different avenues he had thought about, and how some worked while others he realized were not a good fit for him. But all of those experiences helped him hone in to where he is now and the work he enjoys. Alex graduated from Wabash Valley College and then obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in 2019. His CEO business, Tecknoledge, created an opportunity for an internship with MotoRad taking pictures of products. Which has now grown into a full time position as the Content Marketing Specialist. He explained how CEO is a great stamp on your resume. It teaches you to prove yourself instead of doing the bare minimum in life. Some advice/wisdom he took away from CEO and built upon afterwards are:
1. Be Driven
2. Respect Yourself
3. Dress for the job you want, instead of the job you have.
4. Business Etiquette
5. Don’t be a stick in the mud
6. Learn to love Presentations
7. Communicate
8. How can I help?
9. Always Learn
10. Fail, Learn, Defeat and Overcome
Alex said that CEO helped him get where he is quicker and with lesson that he realizes would have taken him years to learn. He left us with this…”Know yourself – Believe in Yourself”.

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