Emmalee Bertram

About Me

Hello, my name is Emmalee Bertram. I currently attend Mount Carmel High School as a junior. I am active in the Mount Carmel marching band, Marching Aces, as the cymbal in drumline. I am also enrolled in Trio Upward Bound, a program that encourages and helps kids with college. When not doing school activities, you can find me reading a chapter book or improving my art skills. Once out of high school, I plan to go out to Wabash Valley College before transferring to a larger school. The one I would like to attend is Murray State University, as they have an amazing social work program. There, I will major in social work and business. When I am done with school, I plan to work as a child social worker for a period of time. Later, I want to open up my own homeless shelter. I joined the CEO program for several reasons. Firstly, I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone. Second, I wanted to get the experience of what business was like before graduating, so that I would have a head start in my knowledge once in college. Lastly, the reason I joined CEO was so I may have a network when I finally start up a business. I cannot wait for this year and all the fun memories and laughs we will share. This will be a perfect way for me to finally leave my comfort zone and show the hard work I can achieve with my classmates and friends.