Holly Lofton

About Me

My name is Holly Lofton. I am a junior at Mount Carmel High School. I turn 17 on October sixteenth. I took CEO because it seemed like a great experience and opportunity. I also wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I plan on beginning to volunteer at an animal shelter once things have calmed down. I want to work in wildlife rehabilitation and conservation at either an animal sanctuary, shelter, or with another organization. I've grown up with animals and love being around them. I have two dogs. One is a blue heeler named Blue, and the other is half miniature pinscher half Chihuahua named Kylo. I also have a thirteen year old cat named Tigger and I have six chicks that I incubated around spring. The rooster likes to jump up on my lap while I feed him clover, and most of them are very friendly. I play soccer for the high school team and I play clarinet in our marching band. I have a part time job at Little Italys. I am in Mount Carmel's interact group at the school, and I am in Allendale's 4-H group and participate in the 4-H fair. I watch my nieces and nephews quite often. I spend a lot of time gardening and over the past summer I worked a lot in the greenhouse at the highschool. I enjoy being outside and often I take my dogs to go for drives. I'm really looking forward to this year and seeing how much progress I make in life and with my character.